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manufacturer of
architecture & design projects
in the Baltic states

Yes We Can – About us

Experience Limitless Creativity: Where Vision Meets Production

What began a quarter-century ago as a two-person team operating out of a garage workshop has since evolved into a robust team of 60+ individuals, with over 2,000+ square meters of production facilities proudly delivering to many countries worldwide.

YES WE CAN powerhouse team brings together skilled artisans, creative designers, and expert constructors, working in harmony with engineers, machine operators, carpenters, electricians, and welders. This fusion of design and craftsmanship talent creates a unique proposition for complex builds across diverse disciplines.

Skilled team of more than 60 artisans

At the heart of our success are our skilled personnel – artisans with a passion for precision and an eye for detail. Their expertise transforms raw materials into works of art, ensuring every curve, joint, and finish is a testament to their dedication to perfection.

Our clients trust us with more than 3 million Euro yearly

Meet us:

Rolands Strelčs
tālr.: +371 29 431 236

Jānis Miķelsons
tel.: +371 29 289 359

Madara Ramane
Communication, QA manager
tel.: +371 29 263 438

Baiba Zukure
Financial management, accounting
tel.: +371 25 914 108

Jānis Rūsiņš
Head of engineering Department
tālr.: +371 26 594 302

Māris Jozefs
Production manager
tel.: +371 29 778 320

Raivo Mužiks
Project manager
tel.: +371 22 030 300

Atis Holms
Project manager
tel.: +371 26 830 031

Edgars Andersons
International account manager
tālr.: +371 29 134 269

Edgars Neibauers
Project manager
tel.: +371 26 329 063

Jānis Aleksis
Project manager
tel.: +371 29 459 656

Technical Designers
Our creative designers are here to transform concepts into precision technical designs. With a deep understanding of aesthetics and functionality, they ensure that each project resonates with creativity and purpose to shape the objects to be built.

Expert Constructors & Engineers
Our engineering team translate visions and designs into reality. With a wealth of experience and technical know-how, they oversee the construction process to completion. From meticulous planning to precise execution and fixtures for transportation and assembly.

Plotter and CNC Operators
Our skilled machine operators harness the power of cutting-edge technologies. Our state-of-the-art machinery is utilized to their full power, ensuring that every cut, carve, and shape is executed with unparalleled accuracy. Their expertise allows for intricate detailing and flawless precision.

Carpenters, Electricians & Welders
Our team includes highly skilled carpenters, electricians, and welders, each bringing their unique expertise to the table. Whether it’s crafting wooden elements, ensuring seamless electrical connections, welding sturdy structures or building mechanics, their mastery of their respective crafts adds the finishing touches to our projects.

We do not just build, together with our clients we engineer amazing things.

From demanding advertising needs that captivate audiences to crafting interactive exhibition interiors that educate and inspire, we turn visions into immersive experiences.

Our diverse team will transform your ideas into reality. We believe creativity knows no boundaries, and innovation knows no limits.